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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix up RTM_SETLINK handling
    Roland> To call the netdev notifier chain I had to make
Roland> netdev_chain not be static. I added the declaration to
Roland> <linux/netdevice.h> but I am open to other ways to give
Roland> rtnetlink.c access to netdev_chain.

David> Ummm, what is the problem with using
David> register_netdevice_notifier()? It is precisely there so
David> that netdev_chain need not be exported.

do_setlink() needs to do the opposite of registering a notifier --
it's changing an interface's address, so it needs to call the
netdev_chain with NETDEV_CHANGEADDR (just like the handler for

If you prefer, I could add a call_netdevice_notifiers() to dev.c and
leave netdev_chain static. Just let me know and I'll make a new

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