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SubjectRe: Nvidia and its choice to read the GPL "differently"
Thomas Hood wrote:
> RMS: This battle is lost. By continuing to complain
> about the use of "Linux" you are not only wasting your
> time; you are harming your reputation, too. Why?
> Because you are *wrong*, and yet you won't admit that you
> are wrong, but continue to reiterate your wrong opinion.
> This makes you sound like a fanatic. Your stubbornness
> has served you well in other causes (where you are closer
> to the truth), but is hurting you here.
> Let me explain how you are wrong. You say things like:
> > Calling the system "Linux" denies the GNU Project
> > credit for the GNU operating system.
> This is wrong. The use of a proper name does not commit
> the user to any particular characterization of what bears
> that name. I can use the name 'Linux' without in any way
> committing myself to a denial of the role of GNU in Linux.

I even know people that call it Red-Hat and never even heard of Linux???

Sorry I didn't mean to impolite and but it to this ttthhhrrreeeaaaaddd..........
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