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SubjectRe: Nvidia and its choice to read the GPL "differently"
RMS: This battle is lost.  By continuing to complain
about the use of "Linux" you are not only wasting your
time; you are harming your reputation, too. Why?
Because you are *wrong*, and yet you won't admit that you
are wrong, but continue to reiterate your wrong opinion.
This makes you sound like a fanatic. Your stubbornness
has served you well in other causes (where you are closer
to the truth), but is hurting you here.

Let me explain how you are wrong. You say things like:

> Calling the system "Linux" denies the GNU Project
> credit for the GNU operating system.

This is wrong. The use of a proper name does not commit
the user to any particular characterization of what bears
that name. I can use the name 'Linux' without in any way
committing myself to a denial of the role of GNU in Linux.
When I use the name 'Linux', I (usually) denote that
collection of software consisting of GNU's tools, Linus's
kernel, Ximian's MUA, etc. I do this without contradicting
myself in the least. In philosophical jargon, proper names
do not have connotations.

To see, this, suppose I decide to start calling you "Mr. X".
This may not be very polite of me, but it is not incorrect,
so long as everyone understands whom I am referring to.
So when you say that 'GNU/Linux' is a "just" name and
'Linux' is not, you are wrong. There is no such standard
of justice.

In your view, Linux is "the GNU system" with a Linux kernel
added on. Fine. But it is wrong of you to imply that this
is the only way to regard what you call 'GNU/Linux'.
It is equally legitimate to regard it as Linux with GNU
utilities added on. There is no objective standard for
what constitutes a "system" or "the same system" in this
context. You are wrong to imply that there is one.

I am willing to entertain the proposition that the GNU
project deserves greater recognition in Linux circles than
it has received. But I want to warn you that quibbling over
a name is a bad way to try to improve the situation. Doing
so on the basis of bad arguments is doubly bad.

Apart from that ... carry on the good work!

Thomas Hood <>

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