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SubjectRe: argv0 revisited...
In article <20030115191942.GD47@DervishD>,
DervishD <> wrote:
>> > of init. Remember, is not any program, is an init. Should be a more
>> > clean way, I suppose :??
>> I don't think is that big a deal ... if you startup the system normally,
>> sooner or later, /proc is going to be mounted. A [quickie] variation is:
> Yes, I know, and that's one option, but I would like to avoid the
>mounting. Not a big deal, anyway, as you say. The only thing is that
>it won't work in kernels without proc enabled (yes, there are people
>without 'proc', size issues, I suppose, etc...).

I assume that init is passed on the kernel command line like
init=/what/ever, right ?

Why not make that INIT=/what/ever, then make this /sbin/init:

execl(getenv("INIT"), getenv("INIT"), "other", "args", NULL);

Kernel command line args not reckognized by the kernel get put
into the environment of init ..

They all laughed when I said I wanted to build a joke-telling machine.
Well, I showed them! Nobody's laughing *now*! --

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