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Subjectargv0 revisited...
    Hi all :))

Finally, with a suitable solution at hand, I notice that the
kernel does just what I wanted to do, that is, overwriting the
argv[0]. The matter is that when executing the init process, the
kernel substitutes the program name, the true argv0, with the string
'init' :(( That is, I'm not able to exec'ing myself again, because I
no longer know what is the binary name!

How can I know, more or less portably, which is the name of the
disk binary corresponding to my core image? Since 'proc' is not
mounted at this time, I cannot consult my mappings not my 'exe'
link. Since this init is run as root, any that root can do is
welcome. Although I would like a portable solution, any solution that
works under *any* Linux kernel is welcome...

BTW, is the argv0 mangling for 'init' mandatory or POSIX or
standard or...?

Thanks a lot :)

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