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SubjectChanging argv[0] under Linux. This MUST work...
    Hi Jakob :)

Your solution of exec'ing ourselves MUST undoubtly work (well, I
know that this an affirmation that I will lament XDDDD), because it
only relies on 'exec()' passing the argv[0] you provide as the
argv[0] of the invoked binary, and that should work or programs like
'/bin/login' will stop working... They rely on the same principle,
since they need to prepend an '-' to the shell name to make it a
login shell :))) Didn't remember this until now!

So, if you do 'execl(ourselves, "my new name", ..., NULL)', the
argv[0] received by the binary specified in 'ourselves' MUST be 'my
new name'. Otherwise '/bin/login' and a good bunch of shells won't

If you happen to come to Spain at any point in the future, just
tell me, I'll buy you a beer (or crack, or whatever you use XDDD).

Thanks :)

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