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SubjectRe: Changing argv[0] under Linux.
    Hi Jakob :)

> > Really, I'm thinking seriously about not rewritting argv[0] at
> > all. The problem is that may confuse the user when issuing 'ps' or
> > looking at /proc :((
> What about

Mmm, interesting idea. A simpler solution is just copy the needed
argv0. In your example, about 500 bytes are wasted ;))) By using the
needed size at argv0, we have the space needed.

If execv doesn't do any magic with the supplied argv array, then
this should work.

> For the same effect without the --very-magic argument, you could simply
> do an "if (argc != 2 || strlen(argv[0]) != 511)" instead.

No, because the len of argv[0] being 'my proggy' is 9, that is not
511 ;)) We cannot tell the allocated space, I'm afraid O:)

> Am I smoking crack, or could the above work?

I should smoke crack, definitely. That way I would not mess with
that argv thing XDDDD

Thanks :)
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