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SubjectRe: [V. OFFTOPIC] RMS and reactions to him (MARMITE?)
Andre Hedrick "who won't say whether he prefers marmite or peanut butter" wrote:

>Is it because OSL has some
>meaningful terms understood by the courts? Is it because the folks at OSI
>understand a bigger picture?

OSL?/OSI? Oregon State Library? :-)

>See I found it worthy enough to go and investigate.
>What I found, I like.

What I found made me think of renewing my library books :)

> Richard, is there a way to make OSL and GPL compatable ?

No because Oregons library is a bit diferent... :)

> Richard, will you allow OSL and GPL to coexist ?

Yes because he wouldn't sue a fly.

>My concern is that vision and ideas started by RMS, are being clouded.

I aggree. Perhaps for the first time, So do you like marmite? :-)

"offending party" is required to pay
>an alteration royality fee.

An injustice against true FS. I like to alter my code ;)

>I do not know the what the best answer is today.
Must be your new cereal.

>However, I am willing to put my money down (if I ever make any now)
Im sure you will.

>I like may other developers have/know/seen their work altered and not
>returned, yet without having a license with some teeth based in law

As Kurt Cobain said "its all about the music", I don't care if I see
my code again, just if others who want to see it can.

>What we all hear is one person promoting one agenda with one idea, and the
>idea has clouded the vision

the vision is sometimes clouded, even Jesus was challenged in the

>I have had enough of the mud slinging.
>Oh, I think your address should be restored, regardless.
>Did you know you can remove GPL from your work, but you can not take >back
>what is out there now?

YYYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY! Nah I like whats out there, cue X files theme...

Dean, prefers Quorn Pat'e. ;-)

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