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SubjectRe: any chance of 2.6.0-test*?
>For those who growl -- I think this kind of discussion *has* value in the
>kernel mailing list. Kernel newbies and such can learn a great deal from
>rational, calm debates among experts; if they learn, their contributions to
>the kernel will be better.
>Of course, note the "rational" and "calm" above, which does not apply to the
>Stallman debate... ;)
>I enjoy the implementation debates; they give me a better idea of where the
>kernel is going, so I can figure out where to stick my oar in the waters.
Yes, but how many times this discussion already happened ?
I have nothing against the discussion happening ... As long as it
doesn't happen a couple of times a year. That's what a list archive is
for. The latest generation of Internet users, including some latest
generation developers are in general LAZY about looking up archives,
they want to post the question now and get an answer, while they could
have gotten the answer without bothering anyone. Sure, it takes one a
little more effort to search the archives, but that's one person's
effort, while posting one message wastes hundreds (perhaps thousands) of
people's time.
And also, the FAQ for the list states it quite clearly that the people
doing usefull work here is only really interested in proof that
something is better, performance and/or space wise, so if someone has an
opinion, first go prove it on some piece of the kernel, the post their
opinions along with the results to the list. That's the way to go.
Maintenability is important, after speed, memory usage and portability.
That's sound engineering, instead of C.S. dogmas.

Marcelo Pacheco

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