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SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC] RMS and reactions to him (YAWN)


Have you ever pondered the question why some of the new code in 2.5 is
coming up with a dual-license of OSL/GPL ? Is it because OSL has some
meaningful terms understood by the courts? Is it because the folks at OSI
understand a bigger picture?

See I found it worthy enough to go and investigate.

What I found, I like.

So if the question was put before everyone to examine the OSL, is this a
better and stronger license to protect the ideas of "free software" ?

If the conclusions resulted a large positive movement towards OSL and away
from GPL, what do you expect the reponse from RMS would be to the

Richard, is there a way to make OSL and GPL compatable ?
Richard, will you allow OSL and GPL to coexist ?
Richard, can OSL superceed GPL ?
Richard, can you agree there may be a better license than GPL ?
Richard, if people want to develop under OSL, what are the results
of the combined work?
Richard, if GPL can be improved by the adoption of OSL ideas,
what benefits are there to you idea to holding onto the

My concern is that vision and ideas started by RMS, are being clouded.
OSL could have some more bit added to it, requiring the return of the
changes to the original author, or the offending party is required to pay
an alteration royality fee.

I do not know the what the best answer is today.

However, I am willing to put my money down (if I ever make any now) to
draft a licenses that empowers the community with a real legal strong hold
to protect its interest of Open Source, and keeping it open.

I like may other developers have/know/seen their work altered and not
returned, yet without having a license with some teeth based in law
already tried in courts, the personal risk is to great to pursue.

If I am a bad person for wanting to empower the community with stonger
license than GPL, IMHO is superior to GPL, then I will gladdy be a bad

What we all hear is one person promoting one agenda with one idea, and the
idea has clouded the vision. If another idea can carry the original
vision further and closer to achieving that of the visionary, why stop
half way down the road ?


Andre Hedrick
LAD Storage Consulting Group

I have had enough of the mud slinging.
Oh, I think your address should be restored, regardless.
Did you know you can remove GPL from your work, but you can not take back
what is out there now?

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Dean McEwan wrote:

> >Believe me, it's childish. Nobody on lkml need/want to be defended.
> AMEN. Andre doesn't defend anyone, just offends :)
> Well ok he thinks "a guy called Tyketto" is correct in saying the kernel has been translated to ADA.
> But people need to have free speech, y'know I believe LKML doesn't
> want that,
> otherwise my other address wouldnt have been blocked ;-)
> And anyway as I've already said, lifes a bitch. (thats right a female
> dog)
> >RMS using a PRINTER hits LM with a pounding blown to the rear.
> Not until he's made the high tech ink squirter work in Hurd :)
> P.S
> Q. If I calmly, rationally, and clearly state things which are not true,
> are self serving, and are not relevant to a forum, what should I expect
> in response?
> A. Andre's praise.
> ---
> Cheers, Dean.
> Now selling rights to MY GPL'd V.90/92/34 stack for £9,999.99 :)
> Need a new email address that people can remember
> Check out the new EudoraMail at
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