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SubjectRe: PATCH: [2.4.21-pre3] Fix for Promise PIO Lockup
Ross Biro writes:
> Newer kernels will lock up when a drive command (SMART, hdparm -I, etc.)
> is issued to a drive connected to a Promise 20265 or 20267 controller
> while the controller is in DMA mode. The problem appears to be that
> tune_chipset incorrectly clears the high PIO bit thinking that it is a
> "PIO force on" bit. The documentation I have access to does not seem to
> mention a PIO force bit. Not changing that bit seems to fix the problem
> with drive commands on a promise controller.
> The documentation I have also says the values for the TB and TC
> variables should be the same for all UDMA modes and they are not.
> However the driver seems to work anyway, so I left them the way they are.
> To reproduce this problem make sure your drive is set to a DMA mode, eg
> hdparm -X 67 and then issue a drive command, e.g. hdparm -I.

I have tried to reproduce this problem according to your description
above, but neither my 20269 (with "new" driver) nor my 20267 (with
"old" driver) hangs. I checked with kernels 2.5.58 and 2.4.21-pre3.

Maybe something else is needed for the hang to occur?

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