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SubjectRe: Kernel hooks just to get rid of copy_[to/from]_user() and syscall overhead?
On Friday 10 January 2003 16:45, Mihnea Balta wrote:
> Hi,
> I have to implement a system which grabs udp packets off a gigabit
> connection, take some basic action based on what they contain, repack their
> data with a custom protocol header and send them through a gigabit ethernet
> interface on broadcast.

Following the indications I got here, I did the packet recieving stuff using a
mmaped packet socket. From what I understand, that is a recieve-only
interface, so it seems that I'm stuck with old sendto() for putting the
packets back on the wire. I'd like to know if sendto() can do 20000 (small)
packets/second on a fast x86 MP machine (dual or maybe quad) which doesn't do
much besides this routing process. If it can't, please tell me if there's any
feasible way of implementing a kind of buffer, i.e. keeping recieved packets
in a local buffer and sending them alltoghether when the buffer fills or
after a timer expires (I'm thinking DMA to the NIC or something simmilar, as
the buffer will contain the complete packets, with all the required packets).


PS: feasible == not spending 1 month development time for a 1
microsecond/packet improvement.

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