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SubjectRe: Why is Nvidia given GPL'd code to use in closed source drivers?
    You developed tools and packages that you intended to put into a system
that you have called the Hurd.

Not quite. The system in question is "GNU". The Hurd is just part of
the kernel of GNU; the other GNU packages are not part of the Hurd.

I'm going to agree with Larry here. If you're going to insist that people
call it GNU/Linux, then you had better start referring to your operating
system as Linux/Hurd if you want to retain any credibility.

I've already explained why this is bad logic. Will my explanation
have "credibility"? That's asking whether other people will grasp the

I think it is not useful to digress into speculation about what other
people will think about an issue. It is better to stick to the issues

People get angry because you're being disrespectful and presumptuous to
try and tell people who know exactly what the order of events are that
you and your foundation were actively involved in developing Linux. That
was not the case and you know it.

If you mean the whole system that is sometimes called Linux, we began
developing it in 1984.

Perhaps you've defined the "development of Linux" to include only that
part of the development which began with integrating the kernel,
Linux, with the rest of the system. We became involved in that
starting in 1993 or 1994.
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