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SubjectRe: Bug report : i810_audio, compaq evo 410c, 2.4.20
* Nicolas Turro <> [2003-01-14 10:02+0100]
> > I saw that someone said he got it working, see:
> >
> I already contacted Hugo, in fact, he didn't manage to make the sound working
> either.
> > But I could not find out how.

I got reports from two people who said that they got it working.

One of them (I haven't updated my page yet) said that the Evo N410c
was "using a variant of the AD1886 (the AD1886A)" and that 2.4.19's
ac97_codec.c could be modified to add to ac97_codec_ids:

{ 0x41445363 ,"Analog Devices AD1886A", &null_opts },

and then it works with:

modprobe i810_audio clocking=41194

Nicolas tried this, as he reported, with 2.4.20 and said that it was
still crashing. I haven't played with this myself yet.



Hugo Haas -
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