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Subjectmpparse.c is a mess (was: APIC version)
> From: Martin J. Bligh [] 
> >> The entries in acpi_version[] are indexed by the APIC id, not
> >> smp_processor_id(). So you can overwrite acpi_version[]
> for a different
> >> processor.
> >
> > Is it possible to use smp_processor_id instead to avoid
> wasting memory
> > for the sparse APIC id case?
> No, the array is set up in mpparse.c before we know the real
> processor
> numbers.

I just thought I'd mention, if anyone has any spare time or needs a
project, that it would be really nice if there was a more modular
interface for this stuff. Right now we have MPS code and ACPI code
messing with the same data structures (!!) and it is bug-prone and
confusing. Every time I try to fix anything that touches my area (ACPI
IRQ routing) I am paralyzed by fear that any change I make will break
something, because it is a big, swampy bog of code.

Regards -- Andy
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