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SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC] RMS and reactions to him
This is great proof of my increasingly firm opinion that the open-source
movement would be absolutely dead if free mental healthcare was available
to all who needed it...

} MTV, "Celebrity Death Match" !
} RMS starts out and F(l)UDS the arean with piles of GNU.
} (the gnoo is drowning everyone)
} LM is stunned by the calm GNOO floodling the area.
} RMS using a PRINTER hits LM with a pounding blown to the rear.
} LM use a quick attribute of BitMover to reveal the heart of GNU is
} Licensed to BSD!
} RMS reaches for the split ends to add more gray fuzz to hide the BSD,
} while gazing in the air.
} LM removes the printer from his bleeding skinny butt, and wildly swings
} knocking off the head of RMS.
} (the blood taints the crowd)
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