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    SubjectRe: Bugs and Releases Numbers

    On Mon, 2003-01-13 at 17:52, jw schultz wrote:

    > No. A new kernel need not be released right away. Patches
    > would be made available for affected recent releases.
    > Anyone running self-built downloaded kernels is expected to
    > be able to patch them when needed. Distributions would
    > apply the patch to their trees and make the new kernel
    > (source and binaries) available through their usual security
    > update channels.

    It has been my experience that distro kernels come with everything and
    then more of everything. Sure, they're mostly modular, but this approach
    adds complexity that's unnecessary. So, I normally get stable
    kernel source and build a non-modular kernel specifically for my

    I was just trying to determine how security patches are handle by the
    kernel developers, that's all. The idea that people should look to
    distros for security is absurd to me, especially if the bug in question
    affects the vanilla kernel.

    > It simply isn't necessary to rush a release (contrary to the
    > principles of stable) just because there is a security hole.
    > Patches are sufficient. Besides, most sites run the
    > distribution kernels anyway so they will get the fix through
    > those channels.

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