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SubjectRe: ISO-9660 Rock Ridge gives different links different inums
>>>>> "Bill" == Bill Davidsen <> writes:

Bill> On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, Peter Chubb wrote:
>> >>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew McGregor <> writes:

Andrew> Change it to be the offset to the data area, which should be
Andrew> the same for all of them?
>> I thought about that, but I'm unsure if there's any way to get from
>> that offset to the directory information. As far as I can tell,
>> there's no concept of an inode separate from directory entry on
>> iso9660 --- the directory entry/entries all contain all the
>> information that describes a file. Which means that the inumber
>> has to point to some directory node.

Bill> I can see that you would have to carry that information forward
Bill> to the "inode" if you used the data area address, for stat
Bill> that's probaby not an issue, for open after you open the file
Bill> you don't really need access checking and the times on a CD
Bill> don't change.

In isofs, the on-disc `inode' is an iso_directory_record, which
contains the name as well as describing a single extent.
iso_directory_records are chained together for files that have more
than one extent on disc. The code currently uses iget() to get the
chained iso_directory_records.

Bill> What's the case where you are starting with an inode and trying
Bill> to get to a filename without having gone through a dir entry to
Bill> the inode? No one is running things like dump/restore on iso9660
Bill> I hope!

no it's where you're starting with an inode number, and want to get an
inode. Having looked at the code, now, I think that that's confined
to autofs and internally to the isofs code, so could be worked around.

Maybe we should deprecate iget() ???

Dr Peter Chubb
You are lost in a maze of BitKeeper repositories, all almost the same.

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