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SubjectRe: [RFC] Consolidate files
On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Sam Ravnborg wrote:

> > I would suggest an approach like the following, of course showing only a
> > first simple step.
> But you do not deal with different alingment of the sections.
> I have not yet fully understood all the requirements, but wanted to
> keep the original ALIGN settings.
> In the patch you posted some architectures use ALIGN(4) {cris},
> other nothing, but most of them ALIGN(16).
> Is it OK to force them all to ALIGN(16) then?

Well, forcing them to a larger alignment surely won't break anything,
except for wasting 12 bytes on cris. But in general, you're right, not of
all of this is trivial to share due to these small differences. In the
cases where it's necessary, we could do something like

(for CRIS)

(in generic code)
#define EXTABLE_ALIGN 16

Of course, one could also do EXTABLE(4) and EXTABLE(16), respectively, but
I think it's less obvious to the occasional reader that these magic
numbers are about alignment.

> > A series of steps like this should allow for a serious
> > reduction in size of arch/*/ already, while being obviously
> > correct and allowing archs to do their own special thing if necessary (in
> > particular, IA64 seems to differ from all the other archs).
> My main objective was that adding new stuff, like __gpl_ksyms could
> be done in one place only.
> Or .gnu.linkonce.vermagic, or whatever will be used for that.

Yes, and that's why I think that separating out and sharing these bits is
a very good idea. Actually, separating out the ksymtab etc code should be
really easy, as opposed to other stuff where there's more substantial
differences between the archs.

It'll be a rather long and tedious process to do this work, but I think
it's worth it.


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