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    SubjectRe: concerns about sysfs_ops

    On 13 Jan 2003, Louis Zhuang wrote:

    > Dear Mochel,
    > I found you removed off/count params in new sysfs_ops functions. That's
    > good change for show functions, but for store function, if you don't
    > give the len of data, the chained xxx_store function has to assume
    > or/and guess how long the data is. This might be a potential issue. So I
    > suggest you add 'size_t count' in store function of sysfs_ops.
    > include/linux/sysfs.h: 1.21 1.22 louis 03/01/13 18:39:41 (modified,
    > needs delta)
    > @@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
    > struct sysfs_ops {
    > ssize_t (*show)(struct kobject *, struct attribute *,char *);
    > - ssize_t (*store)(struct kobject *,struct attribute *,const char *);
    > + ssize_t (*store)(struct kobject *,struct attribute *,const char *,
    > size_t count);
    > };

    I agree, and Linus pointed out that obvious flaw in the interface when I
    sent it to him on Friday. I'll fixing that, and should up in his tree
    later today..


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