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SubjectRe: 2.5.56: undefined reference to `_ebss' from drivers/mtd/maps/uclinux.c
Hi Adrian,

Adrian Bunk wrote:
> trying to compile 2.5.56 with CONFIG_MTD_UCLINUX fails on i386 with
> undefined reference to `_ebss'
> at the final linking.
> It seems _ebss is only defined on the architectures m68knommu and v850?

Hmm, currently that is correct. There doesn't appear to be a
"standard" symbol name applied to the immediate end of the bss
section. Different architectures are using different names:

_ebss -- m68knommu, v850
__bss_stop -- i386, alpha, ppc, s390
__bss_end -- x86_64
_end -- mips, parisc, sparc, (actually most have this)

Actually it looks like _end is probably closer, it seems to
almost always fall strait after the bss, on just about every
architecture that has it.

Come to think of it _end is probably more appropriate anyway.
Since that code is trying to find the location of something
concatenated to the end of the kernel image.


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