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SubjectRe: kconfig (gkc) [PATCH]
Hi Roman,

On Thu, Jan 02, 2003 at 02:42:13PM +0100, Roman Zippel wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry about the delay, I wanted to look into this in more detail, but I
> did some other stuff over christmas.

me, too. I recently switched from 33.6K modem to 128kbit ADSL and I had some
work on my new gateway...

> If you can work around it and it doesn't look that serious, I would
> really prefer to support at least 2.0. I don't know how long it will
> take until all distribution switched to 2.2.

You're right, my Debian does not have 2.2 yet....
Well, I switched to 2.0 given that I can easily work around it. Nevertheless,
I placed a #define for people who want to use 2.2 release.

> BTW how are the other views doing? :)

I have just finished the 'Single' view. I am working on the 'Split' one.

> bye, Roman

PS: you will find the latest patch at the usual location...

Romain Lievin, aka 'roms' <>
The TiLP project is on <>
"Linux, y'a moins bien mais c'est plus cher !"

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