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SubjectUSB-Printer status flags question
After looking at cups (1.1.18) backend/usb.c and the kernel's 
(2.4.19-gentoo-r10) drivers/usb/printer.c I've found some different
interpretations of the LP_* flags from linux/lp.h

While the kernel seems to use the 8255 status port definitions, which use
(amongst others) the flags,

#define LP_PSELECD 0x10 /* unchanged input, active high */
#define LP_PERRORP 0x08 /* unchanged input, active low */

the same bits are defined by POSIX guidelines a few lines above in

#define LP_OFFL 0x0008
#define LP_NOPA 0x0010

Obviously, this leads the cups usb-backend to incorrectly report an empty
media tray when the printer is online, idle and has enough paper.

This doesn't seem to be something serious, its just a wrong message in cups


PS: Since two different specifications are mixed up, this problem could also
be a kernel problem.

Alexander Puchmayr Systemadministrator for Theoretical Physics
University Linz, Austria e-mail:
Altenbergerstrasse 69 phone: +43/732/2468-8633
A-4040 Linz-Auhof FAX: +43/732/2468-8585

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