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SubjectRe: any chance of 2.6.0-test*?
On Sun, 2003-01-12 at 21:00, Ryan Anderson wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 12, 2003 at 05:51:57PM -0500, Rob Wilkens wrote:
> > "easier" is the motivation behind using goto.. Laziness.. that's all it
> > is.
> Have you ever read "Programming Perl"?
> Laziness is a virtue. (At least I think that's the right book -
> possibly the 3rd edition.)

Actually, it's one of the few books I actually still own (the perl
one).. Laziness is indeed a virtue.. One I live my life by. Of
course, that's why I haven't gotten off my ass all day and have been
doing nothing but reading/writing mails from this list. :-0 If the
list accepted binaries, I'd take a photo of my room and workspace, and
you'd get the impression that I was one of the laziest people you've
ever met. Granted, one of my computer science professors (not one of
the greatest professors I ever had) said that the best programmers in
the world are the laziest sons of bitches you'll ever meet, and I think
I may qualify (as a lazy son of a bitch, not necessarily as a great

Aww.. Heck.. Go ahead and use goto all you want. I'm not in a position
to stop anyone anyway.


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