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    SubjectRe: any chance of 2.6.0-test*?
    On Sun, 2003-01-12 at 21:51, Marcelo Pacheco wrote:
    > No Rob, most people don't bother responding because they read the FAQ
    > for the list and they realize that this is waste of bandwidth of a lot
    > of people that are important to Linux. You're wasting their times and
    > this is why this should stop NOW.

    Actually, we were talking in private e-mail, so if we were discussing
    the FAQ, you would've continued this there, but since you've decided to
    bring this discussion out here, I'll continue it here for now..

    I have unlimitted bandwidth, as do many others. IF they don't they
    shouldn't subscribe to this list, they should subscribe to the newsgroup
    and pick-and-choose by sbject/thread.

    > You're soo arrogant you don't want to see how much YOU'RE wrong ?

    I'm perfectly willing to see how much I'm wrong. No one has yet shown
    me that I'm wrong, though. I'd be perfectly willing to see it if it
    were shown.

    > See, I'm a computer geek that started at 11, that learned everything

    I have a head start on you then, I started around age 8. TI-99/4A & the
    BASIC programming language back then (I even had a voice box for the
    computer so I was writing programs that could talk which I thought was
    the coolest thing.) Moved on to the Commodore 64, 128, then moved into
    the PC world kind of late, in 1990 I bought an XT 10MHz machine that
    happenned to work with the commodore 128 monitor, and since then have
    incrementally upgrade part by part to my current machine (haven't
    upgraded in three years).

    > mind to the fact that you were brainwashed, and the fact that they
    > brainwash so many people that aren't smart enough to question them, that
    > everything is taken at face value.

    If I'm questioning people on this list, what makes you think I wasn't
    smart enough to question them then?? Think about that one for a second?

    > And Linux is not a hobbist thing anymore. From the point a lot of people
    > trust their businesses to Linux like I do everyday (I'm MIS with about
    > 12 Penguins, with about 30 more Microshits to be converted to Penguins),

    Serverwise or backofficewise, penguins have their place. On the
    desktop, penguins have to learn to adapt to a different climate. That's
    off topic for the kernel list though.

    > then you should respect people here. Me and I'm sure a lot others read
    > this list daily, and they don't want to spend their time on this thread.

    Then don't read it, skip over to the next message and move on with
    life. As someone else put it, life is too short.

    > I apreciate very much the work of everybody here, considering that they
    > could probably make a hell of a lot more money through other ways, but
    > they decided to go the open source way, and the whole world's society is
    > benefiting from their work, instead of mostly benefiting big, greedy
    > companies like microshit.

    Few would be doing it if there weren't SOME benefit for themselves.
    That benefit _may_ be a better system for themselves.. Some may be the
    intellectual satisfaction of a job well done.. Some may work for
    companies like red hat or suse.. Some may work for companies that want
    to replace old UNIX systems with cheaper PC hardware that does the same
    thing... Everyone has a motivating factor.

    > By the way, you're not being paid my Microshit or other companies that
    > have a lot to benefit from stalling Linux development to troll this
    > list, aren't you ?

    The answer to this is that I'm not in any way shape or form employed by
    any company what so ever at present. I'm considering part time work,
    but will not say more about that because the last time I mentioned
    something about an employer on a list where people thought I was a troll
    ( around 2000 when I was unmedicated) they
    were sending faxes and calling the office where I worked at with
    complaints. I'd rather not forewarn any employer that I'm a little
    off-center, though I guess it wouldn't hurt my chances of eventually
    getting on social security disability which would cover my bills.


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