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SubjectRe: USB-Printer status flags question
Hi Alex,

On Sun, 12 Jan 2003, Alexander Puchmayr wrote:

| After looking at cups (1.1.18) backend/usb.c and the kernel's
| (2.4.19-gentoo-r10) drivers/usb/printer.c I've found some different
| interpretations of the LP_* flags from linux/lp.h
| While the kernel seems to use the 8255 status port definitions, which use
| (amongst others) the flags,
| #define LP_PSELECD 0x10 /* unchanged input, active high */
| #define LP_PERRORP 0x08 /* unchanged input, active low */
| the same bits are defined by POSIX guidelines a few lines above in
| linux/lp.h:
| #define LP_OFFL 0x0008
| #define LP_NOPA 0x0010

Does anyone know where I can find these POSIX guidelines?
I tried SUSv3 but didn't see them there.
I'm not sure if the comment about POSIX guidelines is referring
only to the LP* and lp* namespace (prefixes) or to the bit
definitions also.

Are you saying that there are apps that depend on the POSIX bit

| Obviously, this leads the cups usb-backend to incorrectly report an empty
| media tray when the printer is online, idle and has enough paper.
| This doesn't seem to be something serious, its just a wrong message in cups
| log-file.

The (Linux 2.4.20) kernel drivers/char/lp.c and drivers/usb/printer.c
modules use the 8255 parallel port definitions to read/test the status
port. This matches the USB printer spec (I'm looking at the USB
v1.1 printer spec).
USB & parport then return that 8-bit value to userspace via an
ioctl (LPGETSTATUS). Is CUPS using a different ioctl, possibly

| PS: Since two different specifications are mixed up, this problem could also
| be a kernel problem.

Um, it would have been a good thing if a "standard" interface were used
for this instead of one that just matches some device's registers,
as long as the standard interface weren't severe overkill.


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