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SubjectRe: Moderated forum for linux-kernel
On Sun, 12 Jan 2003 22:31:30 +0000
Andrew Walrond <> wrote:

<Just my opinion; because as the Hell.surfers troll treads, it's free>

> I can think of advantages;
> Better Thread organisation and seperate topic areas for drivers,
> patches, ide, ...
> Being able to cheery pick threads of interest, and completely ignore others
> Not having to dump your inbox after a week away just to catch up
> Moderated forums (Off-topic threads policed and deleted)

Not posible. You can't firewall all the mail ; and you can't delete
it after (There's always someone reading a post sec after it's sent to people)

> Read only forums (write for registered/invited members)

Better thread organization is indeed something good. Linux has like
·&$%=%)=& differents mailing lists. It'd be much nicer to have,
A project could ask a mailing list (even space for web and patches;
if someone plans to support it). Just because one can imagine a list. But whatever the alsa mailing list is;
it's harder to remember. You can forward to
the true malinign list if you want.

Mixing always 2.4 and 2.5 stuff it isn't a good idea either

The just doesn't work as well as
one would want. Yes, you've [RFC], [PATCHES], [BENCHMARK] to filter.
But what the hell is the [RFC] mail about? net? vm?

*nobody* reads all the mails (well, there's Alan Cox, but he isn't human)
Some good posts indeed are lost between the noise. We have
But do you really think it's enought? BK has given us some degree of
organization (you can search who and when touched something, what files were
touched in the patch, etc). The bugzilla database tries to give us
some degree of organization in the bugs field, just because the approach is a *true hell* in that sense.

What we need to address that? Resources. No, that's not the first thing. We need
that people think that we need it, and we need that people *wants* it.

After that we need resources: Which is a difficult point. But it's more
important that some of the nice features that have been merged in 2.5 IMHO
(as it's a long-term benefit)

Diego Calleja.
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