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SubjectRe: updated CDROMREADAUDIO DMA patch
On Sun January 12 2003 15:16, J.A. Magallon wrote:
> On 2003.01.05 Andrew Morton wrote:
> > A refresh and retest of this patch, against 2.4.21-pre2. It would
> > be helpful if a few (or a lot of) people could test this, and report
> > on the result. Otherwise it'll never get anywhere...
> >
> > Reading audio from IDE CDROMs always uses PIO. This patch teaches the kernel
> > to use DMA for the CDROMREADAUDIO ioctl.
> >
> cdparanoia oopses on top of latest -aa:
> Checking /dev/cdrom for cdrom...
> Testing /dev/cdrom for cooked ioctl() interface
> CDROM sensed: ATAPI compatible CREATIVE CD5230E
> Verifying drive can read CDDA...
> Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000014

Yup, we seem to have a bit of a problem there. It works fine on the five
machines which I tried it on.

Oh well, thanks for testing. It's unlikely that I will do any further work
on this.

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