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SubjectRe: Moderated forum for linux-kernel
Andrew Walrond wrote:
>Forgive if this has been discussed before, but
>has anyone considered hosting the linux-kernel
>on a web-based forum as used extensively elsewhere?
>I can think of advantages;
>Better Thread organisation and seperate topic
>areas for drivers, patches, ide, ... Being able
>to cheery pick threads of interest, and completely
>ignore othersNot having to dump your inbox after
>a week away just to catch up Moderated forums
>(Off-topic threads policed and deleted) Read only
>forums (write for registered/invited members)
>I'm sure somebody will enlighten me regarding the
>disadvantages. :)

large posts (patches) and exporting data would be the
two biggest i personnaly see. also, some of us (I)
use various methods to sort/search posts.



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