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SubjectRe: make xconfig broken in bk current
Roman Zippel wrote:

> Hi,
> Ed Tomlinson wrote:
>> make -f scripts/ obj=scripts/kconfig scripts/kconfig/qconf
>> g++ -o scripts/kconfig/qconf scripts/kconfig/kconfig_load.o
>> scripts/kconfig/qconf.o -L/usr/share
>> /qt/lib -Wl,-rpath,/usr/share/qt/lib -lqt-mt -ldl
>> scripts/kconfig/qconf.o(.text+0x31): In function `ConfigView::tr(char
>> const*, char const*)':
>> : undefined reference to `QApplication::translate(char const*, char
>> : const*, char const*, QApplication:
>> :Encoding) const'
> Which distribution do you use?
> It looks like you try to use a different g++ version than qt was
> compiled with.

This makes sense. Debian has changed its default compiler to 3.2 in
sid... Suspect we will get quite a few reports like this one.

Solution would seem to be to fix the links in /usr/bin for:


to point at the 2.95 binary, make clean xconfig

Ed Tomlinson

PS. The kernel will not link here using 3.2....
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