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SubjectRe: OT Naming. was: Re: Why is Nvidia given GPL'd code to use in closedsource drivers?
>>linux refers to the kernel plus the GNU software, a complete os
>>linux-kernel refers to the kernel (which is why this is the linux-kernel
>>mailinglist not the linux mailinglist)
> If this convention were general, it would be less confusing (though
> still misleading and still unfair). In practice, though references to
> "Linux" can mean either one, and you can never tell which it is unless
> you can guess from what is being said.

Given that this is the Linux Kernel Mailing List (lkml), as opposed to the
Linux Mailing List, I fail to see how anyone subscribed could fail to note
the distinction.

You are preaching to the wrong people. When people on this list talk about
Linux, they are talking about Linux. They are talking about the kernel
itself. Unless you'd like to claim credit on behalf of GNU for inspiring the
kernel, as well? (straw man, feel free to ignore)

(inflammatory) Now, I've noticed that everyone else involved in this
discussion is also submitting and commenting on patches to the kernel
source, while you have done nothing but preach about how awesome GNU is.
Fine. GNU rulz, man. Now, do you actually have any Linux Kernel subject


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