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Subject[PATCH] emu10k1 forward port (2.4.20 to 2.5.56)


Since the driver is still in the tree and several people already asked for
it, here is an update to the OSS emu10k1 driver in 2.5.56. This is the
exactly same driver as in 2.4.20, it fixes a compile warning and a number
of bugs:

0.17 Fix for mixer SOUND_MIXER_INFO ioctl.
Fix for HIGHMEM machines (emu10k1 can only do 31 bit bus
midi poll initial implementation.
Small mixer fixes/cleanups.
Improved support for 5.1 cards.
0.18 Fix for possible leak in pci_alloc_consistent()
Cleaned up poll() functions (audio and midi). Don't start
Restrict DMA pages used to 512Mib range.
New AC97_BOOST mixer ioctl.
0.19 Real fix for kernel with highmem support (cast dma_handle to
Fix recording buffering parameters calculation.
Use unsigned long for variables in bit ops.
0.20 Fixed recording startup
Fixed timer rate setting (it's a 16-bit register)

Please apply,

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