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SubjectOT: Renaming the kernel??!?!?!? (Was Re: Nvidia and its choice to read the GPL "differently")
Rob Wilkens wrote:

> Anyway, I'm here to discuss the kernel. The issue at hand was
> whether the kernel should be renamed. I didn't bring up the topic, I
> was only chiming in with an opinion. As the topic went on, things
> got further off-topic as can happen.
> "renaming of a kernel" is a topic relevant to a kernel mailing list.

Maybe you should read the e-mails a bit more carefully. The issue
you're refering to is NOT renaming the kernel, but rather what people
believe the collection of kernel, libraries, and user-land tools should
properly be called. I don't think I've ever seen RMS (or anyone else
for that matter) say that the kernel itself should be called anything
other than Linux. The controversy is what peoples' ideas of what
constitutes the operating system are and what to call it.

Brian Davids

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