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SubjectPROBLEM: kernel OOPS
Bear with me, this is my first attempt at sending the output of a kernel 
oops. I believe I have all the desired information. Here goes...

The system appears to randomly lock up, with X running, without X
running etc. it appears to be occuring whenever the CD drives are accessed.

The multi question form:

[1-3] I'm not sure exactly how to answer
[4] Linux version 2.4.21-pre3-ac3 (root@wisdom2) (gcc version 3.2
20020903 (Red Hat
Linux 8.0 3.2-7)) #6 Sat Jan 11 14:29:12 EST 2003
[5] see (includes console
output from bootup until the crash plus everything asked for in
"oops-tracing.txt" (I think)
[6] I don't think its possible
[7] not sure ??
[7.X] all files are included in the tar file

I've tried to make the contents of the files self explanitory.

Although I'm not a programmer, I am willing to help out in any way I can
to find and squash this problem.

Other information...

System Motherboard is an Intel Model# D845GBV the BIOS is the dated
November 20,2002 on Intel's website.

Both CDrom drivers are IDE and I'm using the IDE to scsi shim.


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