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SubjectRe: Nvidia and its choice to read the GPL "differently"
On Sat, 11 Jan 2003 22:33:25 -0500, Mark Mielke wrote:

>Why do I doubt the calibre of vxWorks? People I trust who work on RT
>have told me that in many cases, products with RT requirements can
>better on Linux, than on vxWorks. (Better meaning managing a higher
>capacity without significant side effects)

This is an atrocious way to compare a real-time operating system to
a non-real-time operating system. One would expect that real-time's
benefits also come at a cost, otherwise all operating systems would
be real-time operating systems.

Perhaps Linux can handle more web clients than vxWorks, but can
Linux guarantee that if the temperature in the core coolant exceeds
350 degrees, the secondary pump circuit will be activated within 13

A cheap hammer can drive in more nails than a top of the line


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