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SubjectRe: The GPL, the kernel, and everything else.
On Sat, 2003-01-11 at 20:06, Ryan Anderson wrote:
> Because, to a large extent, for the core kernel developers, the existing
> system is fine.

If you're designing a system for kernel developers use, then that's
fine. But if you want to see linux proliferate to the average desktop
(and I do), then you've got to look at the bigger picture. There
_should_ be a way for a company like nvidia to build a binary driver,
adn ship it in binary form, maybe even digitally signed the way
microsoft allows digital signing of drivers so you know the driver is
legit and OK.

> progress. ("Stream of consciousness" might not be a bad analogy)

It's actually a good analogy. What mailing list (if not the kernel
mailing list) do I sign up for if I want to read about the design
aspects of the kernel. I realize and understand if this is an exclusive
members-only list that doesn't allow the likes of me into its

> There is, but it's not CVS. CVS has... issues when you get into complex

I just read about bitkeeper in the "Virtual Memory Manager" document
someone posted tonight (of all the places to learn about it)...

Anyway, I've put that document aside, but will probably get back to it


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