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Subject2.4.21-pre3 : i8253 count too high! resetting..
 I've just started running pre3, and after a few minutes the above
message started to appear. I can see it is coming from
i386/kernel/timer.c, but beyond that I'm out of my depth, so I'll just
report it for my betters.

I remember that in earlier versions of 2.4 there was a sporadic timer
message, along the lines of "probably via" (?) which also affected this

The CPU is a K6-2, on a Jetway 542C mobo. lspci shows an Ali M1541 (rev
04) host bridge and PCI bridge, with an Ali M1533 (rev c3) PCI to ISA
bridge and a M5229 IDE i/f (rev c2). Compiler was gcc-2.95.3.

Any more information anybody would like ?

Out of the darkness a voice spake unto me, saying "smile, things could be
worse". So I smiled, and lo, things became worse.

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