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SubjectRe: Kernel Oops with HIMEM+VM in 2.4.19,20
On 10 January 2003 10:37, Anthony Lau wrote:
> Hello,
> I am getting reproducible kernel oops and random segmentation
> faults whenever the kernel starts using VM. Without any VM pages
> being used, the system is stable.
> I have tested kernels compiled with and without HIMEM support
> (all other kernel config options identical). Without HIMEM 4GB
> support, the system is stable for weeks. With HIMEM 4GB support,
> the system starts oops'ing and seg. faulting when VM starts
> being used.

You mean when your system starts to swap? Details?
(How much/how heavy it swaps before oops? vmstat output?)

> My system info:
> 1.5GB physical RAM (MemTest86 run for 2 times, no errors)
> 2.0GB VM on a partition
> Aopen AX34u with Via Apollo Pro 133T chipset
> Sample Oops from logs:
> Because of the symptoms, I think that there could be some
> incompatibility between Himem and the VM subsystem. Of course
> I may have just configured my kernel incorrectly.
> Any help is appreciated and I will gladly supply more logs
> if I knew which ones would be useful.

Kernel version and .config?
Arrange klogd to be started with -x. Process oopses with ksymoops.
Then contact VM people (listed in no particular order):

William Irwin <> [02 jul 2002]
Send bug reports and/or feature requests related to many tasks,
rmap, space consumption, or allocators to me. I'm involved in
* rmap
* memory allocators
* reducing space consumed by data structures (e.g. struct page)
* issues arising in workloads with many tasks
* kernel janitoring
See also:
Rik van Riel <>
Andrea Arcangeli <>
Martin Bligh <>
Andrew Morton <>

Andrea Arcangeli <> [28 mar 2002]
Send VM related bug reports and patches to me.
I'm especially interested in VM issues with:
* lots of RAM and CPUs
* heavy swap scenarios
* performance of I/O intensive workloads (in particular
with lots of async buffer flushing involved)
See also Martin J. Bligh <> entry
Mail also:
Arjan van de Ven <>

Martin J. Bligh <> [28 mar 2002]
I'm interested in VM issues with lots (>4G for i386)
of RAM, lots of CPUs, NUMA

Rik van Riel <> [07 feb 2002]
Send me VM related stuff, please CC to
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