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SubjectRe: What's in a name?
The whole thing has depended on gcc from day one,
so I see no valid objection to prominently give GNU
credit for providing a decent compiler and thus saving
Linus the work of inventing that before he started on
his kernel.

But most users simply don't care what it is called,
they only care whether it works.

I would guess that the name that gets used the most
informally is "Linux", simply because that is shorter
to type in email or Usenet messages than any of the
alternatives presented in this discussion. "Linux" is
thus the de facto standard name of the system,
regardless of who invented what parts of it and
who distributes it.

(It's kind of like a beer label. It could be any
brand in the world, but it's still just "beer" if
you're in a hurry.)


Clayton Weaver

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