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SubjectRe: Are linux network drivers really affected by this?
>>>>> "npv" == Nils Petter Vaskinn <> writes:


npv> Summary: Some network drivers don't pad ethernet packets with
npv> nulls, they are filled with "garbage" often from previously
npv> sent packets. Linux is mentioned as vulnerable.

The paper presented by Olaf Arkin (amongst other) points to some parts
of the linux code where this "vulnerability" exists. I think Alan Cox
is working on some patches for his tree. I wonder whether it's better
to null-pad ethernet packets or to fill them with random values
(possibly an overkill, but more resiliant against fingerprinting).


Andrea Glorioso
Binary Only
Via A. Zanolini, 7/b Tel: +39-348.921.43.79
40126 Bologna Fax: +39-051-930.31.133
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