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SubjectBugs that are resolved but not closed in Bugzilla
There are 31 bugs in RESOLVED state in Bugzilla, but not CLOSED.
Either they should be closed, or there's a patch available that's not pushed.

If the patch is merged into Linus's tree, please could you close them out,
or send me email and I will?

If it's floating around somewhere, maybe this is a gentle reminder to push
the patch ..... ;-)



PS. Yeah, I own some of them. I'll poke myself in the eye too.

ID Sev Owner State Result Summary
1 nor RESO PATC oops when using ide-cd with 2.5.45 and cdrecord
13 blo RESO CODE user-mode-linux (ARCH=um) compile broken in 2.5.47
22 nor RESO CODE /lib/modules/2.5.47-ac3-rous1/kernel/fs/ntfs/ntfs.o: unre...
24 nor RESO PATC statfs returns incorrect number fo blocks
28 low RESO CODE Compile time warnings from starfire driver (with PAE enab...
45 nor RESO PATC blk_rq_map_sg() returns incorrect number of segments
47 nor RESO CODE nfs broken in UP? unresolved symbol page_states__per_cpu
57 nor RESO PATC usb-storage oops on loading
65 nor RESO PATC IDE broken on laptop when docked
67 blo RESO PATC Kernel compile fails -- LDFLAGS seem to be wrong
73 blo RESO PATC Kernel compile fails in arch/parisc/kernel/.irq.o.d
74 blo RESO PATC Kernel Compile fails in fs/.binfmt_elf.o.d
77 hig RESO PATC ieee1394 sbp2 module panics on load
85 nor RESO CODE ham radio stuff still using cli etc
107 hig RESO CODE Current Linus Tree, Modules just don't work, they aren't ...
112 hig RESO PATC Ximian Gnome and Evolution hang on 2.5, maintainers shoul...
124 nor RESO PATC kernel build fail
128 nor RESO CODE 2.5.50 CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP fails to build without
137 nor RESO PATC Build error: drivers/pci/quirks.c:354: sis_apic_bug' unde...
144 nor RESO CODE error return not checked in register_disk (fs/partitions/...
163 nor RESO CODE Impossible to setup MTRR registers
172 nor RESO CODE tdfxfb.c can't be compiled
180 hig RESO CODE Broken agpgart on i815 (maybe other ICH too)
186 nor RESO CODE kernel not honoring init= bootparm
187 low RESO CODE Need more clear documentation for bug tracking processes
194 blo RESO CODE compilation fails drivers/net/defxx.c
206 nor RESO CODE broken colors on framebuffer console
225 nor RESO CODE Specifying DMA channel for parport causes oops in dma_all...
226 nor RESO CODE compile failure in fs/romfs/inode.c
230 nor RESO PATC diffsrv URL changed
251 low RESO PATC Possible off by one error in inode.c from Stanford Checker

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