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SubjectRe: Linus BK tree crashes with PANIC: INIT: segmentation violation
> []
> I was hoping for a exact changset, your post didn't seem to be 100% sure.
> Anyway, the one you pinpointed ("Make x86 platform choice strings more
> easily selectable" top-of-tree is working), is followed by a patch by
> Christop Hellwig ("Missed one 'try_inc_mod_count'") which almost certainly
> isn't the cause of your trouble. So I'd like you to go forward a bit.
> For example, if you know that your (2) happens before 2.5.54, then you can
> do
> bk clone -ql -rv2.5.54 linux-BK test-tree
> bk changes
> .. look for the one you already know is ok: it's called
> "1.911.13.50" in the full 2.5.54 tree ..

Or you can just do everything "by hand" using these two together:

Tomas Szepe <>
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