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SubjectRe: Linus BK tree crashes with PANIC: INIT: segmentation violation
In article <>,
>I've been trying to get a current 2.5 kernel up and running but I've
>hit a wall. When I run my machine with a current kernel I get the
>following message to my terminal, repeated ad nausium:
> PANIC: INIT: segmentation violation at 0x804a08c (code)! sleeping for 30 seconds!

Hmm.. Can you try to pinpoint more exactly the change that caused it?

>In case anyone cares, the most recent ChangeSet from my
>confirmed-working (2.5.53+) tree is labeled:
> 1.1004 02/12/30 13:47:09 +2 -0
> Make x86 platform choice strings more easily selectable
>However I have not guaranteed that this is the Changeset just before
>it failed (I'm not enough of a bk guru to figure out how to pull down
>one changeset at a time).

Don't pull one at a time - instead just get my latest BK tree, and then
you can do

bk clone -ql -rXXXX linus-BK test-tree

to get a tree with the top-of-tree being XXXX.

Together with "bk revtool" you can traverse the merge tree to decide on
interesting points you want to back up further with. If, for example,
the kernel still doesn't work at XXXX, you can then do a

cd test-tree
bk revtool
.. find an interesting spot YYYY ...
bk undo -aYYYY

to clip some changes from the test-tree to see if that helps.

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