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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Embed __this_module in module itself.
In message <> you write:
> Miles Bader <> writes:
> > When I try to build modules using 2.5.54, the resulting .ko files lack
> > the .gnu.linkonce.* sections, which causes the kernel module loader to
> > fail on them -- those sections _are_ present in the .o files, but the
> > linker apparently removes them!
> Ok, I found out why this is happening -- the v850 default linker
> scripts, for whatever reason, merge any section called `.gnu.linker.t*'
> with .text.

That's about as wierdass as it comes.

> I can prevent this by adding the option `--unique=.gnu.linkonce.this_module'
> to the linker flags (specifically, to LDFLAGS_MODULE in the top-level
> Makefile). I suppose another way to do it would be to rename the
> section something that doesn't match `.gnu.linker.t*'.

Or you could add this flag in arch/v850/Makefile.

> What's the right way to handle this?
> [from perusing the ld srcs, a few other archs seem to have the same
> `feature,' though the only that I think has linux support is `cris']

I think:
LDFLAGS_MODULE += -T arch/v850/

And include a linker script there which works.

Thanks for finding this...
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