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SubjectLinux v2.5.56

Trying to make releases slightly more often and slightly smaller.

ACPI, USB, networking (mainly netfilter) updates. Some syscall path
updates and a thread bug in mm_release() that would miss updating the TID
and cause a few extra traps at exec time.

And a watchdog forward port from 2.4.x by DaveJ.


Summary of changes from v2.5.55 to v2.5.56

o [IPV4 ROUTE]: Fix some sysctl documentation

o [NETFILTER]: Fix a locking bug in ip_conntrack_proto_tcp

o [NETFILTER]: Fix excess logging of reused FTP expectations

o [NETFILTER]: ipt_multiport invert fix

o fix "assignment from incompatible pointer type"

o USB Serial patch for old pl2303 devices

o [NETFILTER]: UDP nat helper support

o 2.5.54 dev_*(&<dev>,...): drivers/usb/input/pid.c

Alan Cox <>:
o more unusual USB storage devices

Anders Gustafsson <>:
o [IPV6]: cleanup_ipv6_mibs cannot be __exit, since it is called on
the ipv6_init error path

Andrew Morton <>:
o [NET]: Uninline skb_headerinit
o [AF_UNIX]: Uninline unix_get_socket/maybe_unmark_and_push, mark
{pop,empty}_stack static
o [UNIX]: Uninline unix_peer_get
o [IPSEC]: Uninline _decode_session
o [IPV4 ROUTE]: Uninline rt_hash_code and rt_may_expire
o [IPV4 OUTPUT]: Uninline ip_finish_output and skb_fill_page_desc
o [IPV4 FRAG]: Uninline ipq_kill
o [IPV4 FIBHASH]: extern inline --> static inline
o [IPV4 TCP]: Dont export or inline __tcp_put_port, but do inline
o [IPV4 TCP]: Uninline tcp_rtt_estimator and tcp_urg. extern inline
--> static inline

Andy Grover <>:
o ACPI: Use printk instead of pr_debug (Randy Dunlap)
o ACPI: Remove typedefs in favor of using "struct" and "union"
o ACPI: Expose lid state to userspace (Zdenek OGAR Skalak)
o ACPI: Make button functions static (Pavel Machek)
o ACPI: Express state of lid in words, not a number
o cpufreq-ACPI: no longer use CPUFREQ_ALL_CPUS (Dominik Brodowski)
o ACPI: Eliminate spawning of thread from timer callback. Use
schedule_work for all cases. Thanks to Ingo Oeser, Andrew Morton,
and Pavel Machek for their wisdom.
o ACPI: Update version string to 20030109

Dave Jones <>:
o [WATCHDOG] wdt_pci nowayout fixes from 2.4
o [WATCHDOG] eurotech indentation fixes
o [WATCHDOG] eurotech nowayout fixes from 2.4
o [WATCHDOG] wdt nowayout changes from 2.4
o [WATCHDOG] wdt977 nowayout fixes from 2.4
o c99 initialisers
o [WATCHDOG] Add several new watchdog drivers from 2.4
o [WATCHDOG] pcwd driver update from 2.4
o [WATCHDOG] acquirewdt nowayout fixes from 2.4 (plus some
CodingStyle reformatting)
o [WATCHDOG] Acquirewdt C99 struct initialisers
o [WATCHDOG] Advantech fixes from 2.4
o [WATCHDOG] simplify advwdt_open, and add C99 struct initialisers
o [WATCHDOG] Fix up incorrect C99 struct conversion
o [WATCHDOG] acquirewdt compile fixes
o [WATCHDOG] advantech compile fixes
o [WATCHDOG] ALIM7101 fixes from 2.4 + C99 structs
o [WATCHDOG] More alim7101 cleanups
o [WATCHDOG] i810-tco fix from 2.4
o [WATCHDOG] ib700wdt fixes from 2.4
o [WATCHDOG] ib700wdt c99 structs
o [WATCHDOG] indydog nowayout fixes from 2.4
o [WATCHDOG] machzwd nowayout fixes from 2.4
o [WATCHDOG] mixcomwd nowayout fixes from 2.4
o [WATCHDOG] pcwd nowayout fixes from 2.4
o [WATCHDOG] sbc60xxwdt nowayout fixes from 2.4
o [WATCHDOG] SC1200WDT nowayout fixes from 2.4
o [WATCHDOG] SC520 nowayout fixes from 2.4
o [WATCHDOG] C99 struct initialisers for shwdt
o [WATCHDOG] softdog nowayout fixes from 2.4
o [WATCHDOG] w83877f nowayout fixes from 2.4
o [WATCHDOG] nowayout fixes for wafer5823

David Brownell <>:
o ehci, remove potential hangs
o zaurus B500 (sl-5600?) & usbnet
o 2.5.54 -- ohci-dbg.c: 358: In function `show_list': `data1'
o usbtest, covers control queueing and fault cleanup

David S. Miller <>:
o [SUNZILOG]: Adapt sun4u get_zs for Peters new scanning scheme
o [CRYPTO]: Fix typo in aes.o rule
o [NET]: Kill __tcp_put_port module export
o [TCP]: Fix tcp_put_port declaration
o [IPSEC]: Dont check algorithm availability unless CONFIG_CRYPTO
o [IPSEC]: Kill warning in xfrm_algo.c
o [CRYPTO]: Use appropriate defaults if AH/ESP is enabled
o [SUNZILOG]: Fix uart_get_baud_rate args
o [AIC7XXX]: Include asm/io.h, necessary to get at inb/outb/etc
o [SPARC64]: Update defconfig

Duncan Sands <>:
o USB: atmsar is not a module
o USB: speedtouch missing __init and __exit
o USB: speedtouch: add GPL notices

Duncan Sands <>:
o USB: speedtouch: remove version string duplication

Erich Focht <>:
o small migration thread fix

Filip Sneppe <>:
o [NETFILTER]: ip_conntrack_ftp.c, fixes a typo in a DEBUG statement

Gabriel Paubert <>:
o 'iret' segment fixup

Greg Kroah-Hartman <>:
o USB: revert davem's compile time fix, now that it's fixed properly
o USB brlvger: Forward port 2.4 fix for misuse of types
o USB: removed MOD_INC_USE_COUNT and MOD_DEC_USE_COUNT from driver
that do not need it
o USB printer driver: forward port 2.4 fix for misuse of types
o USB mdc800: forward port 2.4 fix for misuse of types
o DEV: change dev_printk() to take a pointer to dev instead of the
structure itself
o USB: drivers/usb/core/ fixups due to dev_printk change
o USB: drivers/usb/host/ fixups due to dev_printk change
o USB: drivers/usb/serial/ fixups due to dev_printk change
o USB serial: pass the usb_device_id to the probe() function
o USB serial: fixup for probe function paramaters changing
o USB: fix ehci build for older versions of gcc

Harald Welte <>:
o [NETFILTER]: This patch fixes the ULOG target when logging packets
without any ethernet header (mac address).

Henning Meier-Geinitz <>:
o scanner.c: fix race in ioctl_scanner()
o USB scanner driver: updated documentation
o USB scanner driver: updated Kconfig
o scanner.c, scanner.h: Added vendor/product ids
o scanner.c: print user-supplied ids only on start-up
o scanner.c, scanner.h: Remove PV8630 ioctls
o [PATCH 2.5.54] scanner.c: endpoint detection cleanup
o scanner.c, scanner.h: Use symbolic name for interface class

James Morris <>:
o [IPSEC]: Clean up key manager algorithm handling
o [CRYPTO]: Add AES algorithm
o [SUNSAB]: Comment out powering down of chip for now
o [CRYPTO]: More credits for AES

Linus Torvalds <>:
o Fix exec_mmap() to release the MM while we still have it active, to
properly de-activate it and make the child_tid logic work
o Fix kallsyms symbol lookup code. Let's do this trivial
one-character version before looking at more complicated changes.
o Make psmouse driver _much_ more lenient about packet data timeouts

Luca Barbieri <>:
o Use %ebp rather than %ebx for thread_info pointer
o Remove all register pops before sysexit

Matthew Dharm <>:
o USB storage: remove usb_stor_tranfer_length()

Oliver Neukum <>:
o USB: kaweth freeing skbs

Patrick McHardy <>:
o [NETFILTER]: Fix ipt_REJECT udp checksums
o [NETFILTER]: Fix incremental TCP checksum in ECN module

Paul Mackerras <>:
o PPC32: Add support for the IBM PPC 405GPR-based "Sycamore" board
o PPC32: Handle machine checks on 4xx processors better

Petko Manolov <>:
o USB pegasus: small patch for 2.5
o again rtl8150

Rob Radez <>:
o [SPARC32]: Copy over sparc64 exception table changes

Robert Olsson <>:
o [NAPI]: Discuss some more issues in driver HOWTO

Russell King <>:
o [SERIAL] Add prototypes and rename UPF_FLAGS
o [SERIAL] Remove unused info->event
o [SERIAL] Convert change_speed() to settermios()
o [SERIAL] Change settermios to set_termios
o [SERIAL] Bug fix: remove infinite loop in sa1100 serial driver
o [SERIAL] Restrict the baud rates returnable from
o [SERIAL] Fix build errors caused in previous cset

Stephen Rothwell <>:
o [COMPAT]: Sparc64 use get/put compat_timespec

Tom Rini <>:
o PPC32: Default to 768MB of lowmem

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