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NGPT - Next Generation POSIX Threading

NGPT Release 2.2.0, released today, 10 January 2003, is the next release
of the "Next Generation"
of Linux pthreads support. This release is fully suitable as a replacement
for LinuxThreads by either
a single user or group or an entire distribution.

In this release, the primary focus was performance. Significant
performance and scalability enhance-
ments have been made to this release making it the fastest and most
scalable POSIX compliant
threads package available on the Linux platform.

In this release, performance and scalability were the key focus of NGPT
developers.  Performance and scalability were improved to the point where
NGPT bests both LinuxThreads and the new NPTL threading package in
benchmarks.  No changes were made to the kernel patches and thanks to the
NPTL effort, all changes required to run NGPT on the latest 2.5.x kernels
are already included.

Performance and scalability were measured using a benchmark program
developed by Sun Microsystems to "prove" that a 1:1 threading model is
better than the M:N threading model.  As can be seen in the benchmark
results NGPT is the performance and scalability leader on both a 2-way and
4-way machine running this benchmark.  The benchmark results can be found
on the NGPT website. The benchmark itself can be downloaded from the Sun
Microsystems site.

The NGPT website can be found at

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