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SubjectRe: [Linux-fbdev-devel] rotation.

> > Yes. Hardware rotation shouldn't also not effect the way accel
> > operatations are done.
> The main difference is if the hardware supports rotation, fbcon will
> present it with "normal" data. With the generic implementation, fbcon
> will present the driver with rotated data.
> So we need a driver capabilities field either in fb_info or
> fb_fix_screeninfo.

We can just test if the rotation hook exist for the fbdev driver. No hook
then use generic code in fbcon. Also we have a angle field in var so we
can see if the user wants the data rotated.

> Not really. We can dynamically rotate the fontdata using the default
> display->fontdata into another buffer. I believe I have functions that
> do that in the patch I submitted. (Sorry, I lost it when one of my
> drives crashed :-(.

I have that patch. It just has to be updated to the latest changes.

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