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SubjectNames as origin component paths...
On Fri, Jan 10, 2003 at 04:52:50AM -0500, Richard Stallman wrote:
> If there was an ATT/Linux and an Intel/Linux,
> having a GNU/Linux would make some sense... but that is not the way it
> is. GNU/Linux is singular, so Linux makes a reasonable contraction.
> It would be reasonable, if not for the fact that it gives the wrong
> idea of who developed the system and--above all--why.

There is a reason why I am not named Mark Mielke-Newman, and our newborn
son is not named Ethan Mielke-Herighty-Newman-Marr.

Some people like to maintain origin when deriving new names. Other
people realize that the practice is impractical, and the consequence,
if followed to the natural extreme, would allow for an exponentially
increasing length in name as each generation passes.

If you properly attributed the origins of GNU projects, I think you
would find an extremely impractical naming convention. GNU, and GNU
software, is not 100% derivative free.

Linux itself does not require any GNU software at all, except in the
sense that it happens to use GNU software, and it may therefore rely
on extensions that only exist in GNU software, however, that does not
stop anybody else from enhancing their own products to include the
GNU extensions. Freedom is as freedom does.

If you want to bug RedHat to call their distribution RedHat GNU/Linux,
go right ahead.

As for "Linux", its only real attachment to GNU is that it happens to
use a qualified reference to the GPL as its licensing restrictions. Not
all GPL software is "GNU" software.

So please... stop... You are not helping the free software movement by
(badly) arguing minor technicalities. Your previous efforts have been
very well received and respected. Don't ruin this.


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