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    SubjectLinux 2.4.21-pre3-ac3
    Handle with care, this should work nicely but does have more minor IDE
    changes paticularly relevant to laptop IDE suspend/resume.

    Linux 2.4.21pre3-ac3
    o Address comments on wcache value/issuing (me)
    cache flush requests
    o Update credits entry for Stelian Pop (Stelian Pop)
    o Backport some sonypi improvements from 2.5 (Kunihiko IMAI)
    o Fix pdcraid/silraid symbol clash (Arjan van de Ven)
    o Fix ehci build with older gcc (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
    o Fix via 8233/5 hang (me)
    o Fix non SMP cpufreq build (Eyal Lebidinsky)
    o Fix sbp2 build with some config options (Eyal Lebidinsky)
    o Fix compile in kernel for Aurora SIO16 (Adrian Bunk)
    o Fix ATM build bugs (Francois Romieu)
    o Fix an ipc/sem.c race (Bernhard Kaindl)
    o Fix toshiba keyboard double release (Unknown)
    o CPUFreq updaes/fixes (Dominik Brodowski)
    o Natsemi Geode/Cyrix MediaGX cpufreq support (Dominik Brodowski)
    o Add frequency table helpers to CPUfreq (Dominik Brodowski)

    Linux 2.4.21pre3-ac2
    o Fix the dumb bug in skb_pad (Dave Miller)
    o Confirm some sparc bits are wrong and drop them (Dave Miller)
    o Remove a wrong additional copyright comment (Dave Miller)
    o Upgrade IPMI driver to v16 (Corey Minyard)
    o Fix 3c523 compile (Francois Romieu)
    o Handle newer rpm where -ta is rpmbuild not rpm (me)
    o Driver for Aurora Sio16 PCI adapter series (Joachim Martillo)
    (SIO8000P, 16000P, and CPCI)
    | Initial merge
    o Backport Hammer 32bit mtrr/nmi changes (Andi Kleen)
    o Add the fast IRQ path to via 8233/5 audio (me)

    Linux 2.4.21pre3-ac1
    + Handle battery quirk on the Vaio Z600-RE (Paul Mitcheson)
    * EHCI USB updates (David Brownell)
    + IDE Raid support for AMI/SI 'Medley' IDE Raid (Arjan van de Ven)
    + NVIDIA nForce2 IDE PCI identifiers (Johannes Deisenhofer,
    Tim Krieglstein)
    * CPU bitmask truncation fix (Bjorn Helgaas)
    o HP100 cleanup (Pavel Machek)
    o Fix initial capslock handling on USB keyboard (Pete Zaitcev)
    + Update dscc4 driver for new wan (Francois Romieu)
    + Fix boot on Chaintech 4BEA/4BEA-R and (Alexander Achenbach)
    Gigabyte 9EJL by handing wacky E820 memory
    o SysKonnect driver updates (Mirko Lindner)
    o Fix memory leak in n_hdlc (Paul Fulghum)
    o Fix missing mtd dependancy (Herbert Xu)
    + Clean up ide-tape printk stuff (Pete Zaitcev)
    + IDE tape fixes (Pete Zaitcev)
    o Fix size reporting of large disks in scsi (Andries Brouwer)
    + Fix excessive stack usage in NMI handlers (Mikael Pettersson)
    + Add support for Epson 785EPX USB printer pcmcia (Khalid Aziz)
    * Quirk handler to sort out IDE compatibility (Ivan Kokshaysky)
    + Model 1 is valid for PIV in MP table (Egenera)
    + Ethernet padding fixes for various drivers (me)
    o Allow trident codec setup to time out (Ian Soboroff)
    This can happen with non PM codecs
    o Fix broken documentation link (Henning Meier-Geinitz)
    o Update video4linux docbook (William Stimson)
    o Correct kmalloc check in dpt_i2o (Pablo Menichini)
    o Shrink kmap area to required space only (Manfred Spraul)
    o Fix irq balancing (Ben LaHaise)
    o CPUfreq updates (Dominik Brodowski)
    o Fix typo in pmagb fb (John Bradford)
    o EDD backport (Matt Domsch)


    - RMAP


    - LLC (See 2.5)
    - VaryIO (Never accepted mainstream)
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