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SubjectRe: Nvidia and its choice to read the GPL "differently"
On Fri, 10 Jan 2003 04:52:50 EST, Richard Stallman said:
> If there was an ATT/Linux and an Intel/Linux,
> having a GNU/Linux would make some sense... but that is not the way it
> is. GNU/Linux is singular, so Linux makes a reasonable contraction.
> It would be reasonable, if not for the fact that it gives the wrong
> idea of who developed the system and--above all--why.

OK. Enough is enough.

I have no problems with Richard Stallman espousing a particular viewpoint of
how he and/or GNU and/or the FSF feel things should be. I don't even mind *too*
much when he proselytizes said view, even when it interferes with what *my*
goals are. I even see why the FSF requires copyright assignments for code.

However, since I haven't seen any FSF paperwork for assigning *motivations*
and *thoughts* to the FSF, I don't think there is *ANY* basis in saying that
there was a single unified "WHY" a large group of people working independently
developed something.

"All your code are belong to us" is bad enough. "All your thoughts are
belong to us" is totally over the edge.
Valdis Kletnieks
Computer Systems Senior Engineer
Virginia Tech

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